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How to Rent a Dumpster in Canton, Ohio

  1. Select dumpster size
  2. Chose delivery and pick-up dates
  3. Enter all your information including your home address in Canton
  4. Pay for your order and receive receipt via email!
  5. Prepare for delivery, see our dumpster do’s and don’ts

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Dumpster Sizes in Canton

10 yard dumpster Canton, Ohio
10 yard Dumpster

Homeowners in Canton, Ohio often times rent a 10 yard dumpster when needing to perform a small cleanouts or construction projects. When renovating a room or two in your home, a 10 yard dumpster would be the best waste container for the job.

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20 yard dumpster rental akron
20 yard Dumpster

The 20 yard dumpster is the most popular size for residents in Canton. Best used for junk removal and medium sized home renovation, the large size of the dumpster makes it ideal.

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Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster in Canton, Ohio?

A permit may be needed for your roll off dumpster in Canton, depending on the neighborhood and location of the dumpster. Check with the City of Canton to see if a permit is required for your project. If the dumpster is going in your driveway, it is unlikely you will need a permit. If the dumpster is placed on the street, customers should check with the local Canton police non-emergency line.

Dimensions of 30 yard dumpster in Canton, Ohio
30 yard Dumpster

30 yard dumpsters are on the larger side, being used by commercial customers and homeowners with big projects. Sometimes when the house is large, residential customers use this for estate cleanouts.

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40 Yard Dumpster Dimensions in Canton, Ohio
40 yard Dumpster

Our 40 yard dumpster is our largest size that customers can order. Almost 8 feet tall, this roll off container is ideal for large construction site projects or home demolitions. If a home is full of large, bulky items, this dumpster may be best for delivery in Canton.

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Canton Dumpster Rental FAQ

What exactly is a roll-off dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is a large open-top waste container designed to be transported and “rolled off” onto a truck for delivery and removal. These dumpsters are commonly used in construction, renovation, and demolition projects, as well as for other large-scale waste disposal needs.

The main features of a roll-off dumpster include:

1. **Open-Top Design:** Roll-off dumpsters have an open top, allowing easy access for loading waste materials. This design makes them suitable for disposing of bulky and heavy items that might be difficult to lift into traditional waste bins.

2. **Large Size:** Roll-off dumpsters come in various sizes, typically ranging from 10 to 40 cubic yards. The larger size makes them ideal for handling substantial volumes of waste generated during construction or clean-up projects.

3. **Mobility:** The dumpsters are mounted on wheels, allowing them to be rolled onto a special truck for transportation. This mobility makes it easier to deliver the dumpster to the desired location and pick it up when full or no longer needed.

4. **Versatility:** Roll-off dumpsters can handle various types of waste, including construction debris, household junk, yard waste, and more. However, certain hazardous materials or items prohibited by local regulations cannot be disposed of in these containers.

5. **Temporary Use:** Roll-off dumpsters are typically rented for temporary use during specific projects. Once the container is filled, it is hauled away by the waste management company, and the contents are properly disposed of or recycled.

Due to their convenience and efficiency, roll-off dumpsters are widely used in construction sites, home renovations, large-scale clean-outs, and other situations where substantial waste needs to be managed and disposed of properly.

How do I rent a dumpster in Canton?

Experience the convenience of renting a dumpster with us! All it takes is choosing the right dumpster size and contacting us to place your order. Our expert team will assist you in determining the ideal dumpster size for your project and arrange the delivery date to suit your schedule in the Canton area. After you’ve completed your cleanup, simply schedule a pickup through our user-friendly online platform or by contacting us via phone, text, or email.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No, you do not need to be home for your dumpster rental delivery! We take the order information and confirm on google earth so that our driver is able to deliver your dumpster in Canton, Ohio.

How long are rental periods for dumpsters?

Five days are included in the rental period for your roll off dumpster and ten days are included for commercial customers.

What if I need to extend my dumpster rental?

Extending your dumpster rental is no problem with King Dumpsters! We prefer 48 hours of notice but we can most likely extend your rental, even with shorter notice. Any day after your base rental period is $10 a day extra. Feel free to call or text us to extend your dumpster rental and we will pick it up on the date you choose when we are in the Canton area.


What if I fill up my dumpster before the rental period is complete?

Great question! When customers in Canton fill up their dumpsters before the five day rental period, we offer them the option of picking up the full dumpster and bringing out an empty one. The rental period starts over and you can mention coupon code “Loyal” for $25 off your second dumpster!

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