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Disposing of batteries in Canton, Ohio

Battery Recycling in Canton

Battery Recycling in Canton

Start by checking the recycling guidelines provided by the City of Canton or Stark County. These guidelines will specify the types of batteries accepted for recycling and the proper procedures to follow.

Look for authorized battery recycling centers or drop-off locations in Canton. You can refer to the City of Canton’s collection division where information on recycling batteries is available.

Before dropping off your batteries, it’s essential to prepare them properly. Place each battery in a separate clear plastic bag or tape the ends with non-conductive tape to prevent contact with other batteries, which can cause short circuits.

Once you have identified a battery recycling location, bring your prepared batteries to the facility. Follow any specific instructions given by the recycling center staff for battery drop-off or collection.

Remember, proper battery recycling helps protect the environment by preventing harmful substances from entering landfills and potentially causing pollution. Unfortunately, batteries are not allowed in dumpsters when using for jobs like junk removal.

Guidance on Battery Disposal When Using a Dumpster Rental


Navigating the complexities of battery disposal can be perplexing. You might wonder, should batteries be placed in the recycling bin, or are they to be discarded as regular trash? How should batteries be handled responsibly?

Understanding the intricacies of disposing of batteries, particularly lithium-ion types, is essential. These batteries pose unique challenges in the recycling and waste management processes.

At King Dumpsters, our commitment to environmental conservation is paramount. We focus on reducing the number of batteries that inadvertently end up in landfills. Our strategy involves educating both residents and business owners on the dangers of mixing spent batteries with ordinary waste or recycling. By clearly identifying hazardous batteries, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of community battery collection programs.

The importance of taking environmentally responsible actions, especially in proper battery disposal, cannot be overstated. It’s a significant step towards protecting our planet.

Lithium Recycling in Canton, Ohio

How To Recycle Different Battery Types

Alkaline batteries are a common type of disposable batteries that are used to power a wide range of devices, from remote controls to portable electronics. They contain chemicals such as zinc, manganese dioxide, and potassium hydroxide, which generate electricity through a chemical reaction. When these batteries are no longer functional, it is important to recycle them properly to minimize environmental impact. In Akron, Ohio, residents can recycle alkaline batteries through various local recycling programs. One option is to drop them off at the Summit e-Waste Recycling Center, which accepts household hazardous waste including alkaline batteries. Additionally, some retail stores and electronics retailers in the area may offer battery recycling services.

In Canton, Ohio, lithium-ion batteries are widely recognized as a vital component in various applications, ranging from portable electronics and electric vehicles to renewable energy systems. Known for their lightweight nature and impressive energy density, these batteries are favored for their enduring power capabilities. Each lithium-ion battery comprises a lithium compound serving as the electrolyte, along with electrodes made from materials such as graphite and lithium cobalt oxide.

Given their potential risks, including fire and explosion hazards, it is paramount to exercise caution when recycling lithium-ion batteries. In Canton and surrounding areas, the availability of recycling options for these batteries may differ. Specialized recycling centers are often equipped to safely handle lithium-ion batteries, ensuring both proper disposal and the recovery of valuable materials. Such batteries are commonly encountered during estate clean-outs in the region, emphasizing the importance of responsible recycling practices in Canton.

In Canton, Ohio, lead-acid batteries are a prevalent type of rechargeable battery utilized in a multitude of settings including vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and backup power systems. These batteries are composed of lead electrodes submerged in a sulfuric acid electrolyte solution. Renowned for their durability and capacity to provide high currents, lead-acid batteries are a staple in many industries.

However, due to the hazardous nature of lead and sulfuric acid, recycling these batteries is not just important—it’s essential. In Canton, residents have several options for recycling lead-acid batteries. Local recycling centers, battery retailers, and automotive shops frequently accept these batteries, ensuring they are disposed of and recycled properly. For detailed guidelines on how to responsibly dispose of lead-acid batteries, residents can refer to the Ohio EPA’s comprehensive [lead acid battery guidance].

Batteries being recycled in Canton, Ohio

Canton Battery Recycling Location

Where to Recycle Batteries in Canton, Ohio

Canton Recycling Center: The Canton Recycling Center welcomes household hazardous waste, including various types of batteries. Locals can bring their batteries to this site for environmentally responsible recycling. The facility is situated at 742 Schroyer Avenue SW, Canton, OH.

Electronic Retailers: Several electronic retail stores, like Best Buy and OfficeMax, offer battery recycling programs. These outlets typically have specific bins for customers to deposit their spent batteries. It’s recommended to verify the availability of these services with individual stores in Canton.

Community Recycling Events: Periodically, the City of Canton organizes recycling events where residents can dispose of various recyclable items, batteries included. These events are often publicized on Canton’s official city website or through local community channels.

Call2Recycle Program: Call2Recycle, a national battery recycling initiative, provides an easy way to locate nearby recycling centers. Canton residents can use the Call2Recycle website, inputting their ZIP code, to discover participating drop-off locations in the area, including stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot.

Roll off dumpster in Canton

Can Batteries Be Placed in Roll Off Dumpsters?

Batteries should not be disposed of in roll-off dumpsters. This is because batteries contain hazardous substances like heavy metals and corrosive chemicals that could pose environmental risks if not properly handled. When batteries are tossed into dumpsters or regular trash, they risk ending up in landfills, potentially causing soil and groundwater contamination. Moreover, batteries can be a fire or explosion hazard if they interact with other materials, presenting significant safety concerns. Recycling batteries is vital to recover valuable materials and reduce the need for extracting new raw materials.After properly disposing of batteries, use King Dumpsters for an affordable dumpster rental in Canton for your project!

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